B.A. in Psychology from UCLA (1987)
M.A. in Community/Clinical Psychology from CSUN (1989)
M.A. in Clinical Psychology from University of Houston (1992)
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology form University of Houston (1994)
Certified EMDR Therapist with the EMDR International Association (2006)


As of January 1, 2021, Medicare will be the only insurance that I accept (Medicare must be primary). All other clients would be seen an a fee-for-service basis. If interested, clients can submit claim reimbursement forms to their insurance company to receive reimbursement based on their "out-of-network" benefit. Upon request, I can provide a superbill, documenting services provided and fees paid. My fee is $150 (50-minute hour). I always recommend to clients that they contact their insurance company to ascertain out-of-network benefits, which vary from plan to plan.